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Ornic Organic Skin Care

Inspired by love and nature, I found a magnificent treasure full of goodness and fertility.

that allows us to live with health and well-being. the richest source of life.  in trees, plants, flowers, seeds, vegetables, oils, extracts and aromas.

all for our physical and spiritual benefit.

without losing balance with our mother earth.  because that is our true essence!!!

Ornic take care of your skin with:  oils, extracts, vitamins, antioxidants, seeds, botanical hyaluronic acid and natural moisturizers.

That promote collagen and elastin.

For a brighter tightening and youthful skin.


Reasons to use organic cosmetics

We take care of the environment and free our planet and fauna from toxic substances that contribute to climate change.

It frees you from aggressive chemical substances absorbed through your skin avoiding risks to your health and allergies.

High quality formulation for vegans and vegetarians with transparency of elaboration and longer lasting results.

With ingredients grown organically and naturally we obtain purer more nutritious and beneficial cosmetics for the care of your skin and hair.

Ornic Organic Skin Care

We Believe!!

That real and organic beauty is possible.

That we have no limits to create, love and respect our skin

That with the benefits of our nature, we get the best results without any harm.

That a true ornic experience is nutritious, refreshing and 100% organic. Open your mind and return you in the most incredible sensations and aroma created in our formulas for you.

The interest of an organic beauty is to understand the origin of the ingredients, their benefits and the production of cosmetics. They must be free of hormones, parabens, gluten, vegan, not tested on animals, antibiotics, dyes, flavors, synthetics, and artificial silicones.
Sandra Álzate
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