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Reasons to use organic cosmetics

We take care of the environment and free our planet and fauna from toxic substances that contribute to climate change.

It frees you from aggressive chemical substances absorbed through your skin avoiding risks to your health and allergies.

High quality formulation for vegans and vegetarians with transparency of elaboration and longer lasting results.

With ingredients grown organically and naturally we obtain purer more nutritious and beneficial cosmetics for the care of your skin and hair.

Organic Lavender face and neck cleanser

Begin and end your day with this lavender foaming cleanser.

Gentle enough to leave even the most sensitive skin feeling refreshed.

Recommended for women and men All skin types

This cleanser helps naturally moisturize, restore, and soothe skin with Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Dandelion, and Lavender Essential oil.

Apply with hands or a damp cloth in gentle circular motion. Rinse Off with warm water. Can be used on body.

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